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Some Key Facts to know about The Bahamas

Facts are a very crucial part of knowing a place. So, we thought of compiling a list about the Bahamas so that the future tourists can get help with it. We recommend you to visit the Bahamas as it is an amazing place with beauty and serenity. It is easy to book rentals in the Bahamas and so you can actually enjoy a lot.

So, let us start with our list of the facts about the Bahamas.

  • Only 30 of the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas are actually inhabited.
  • The Bahamas is actually one of the two countries in the world that have their names starting with ‘the’. The other one is The Gambia.
  • The Bahamas are situated on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Christopher Columbus is actually believed to have landed in The Bahamas rather than in North America.
  • No railway network is present in the islands but they have an extensive road network which adds up to more than 2,693 Km.
  • No income tax or sales tax exists in the Bahamas.
  • About 45% of the national economy of the country is derived from the tourism sector that is rampant in the country.
  • The Harbour Island has a pink beach and the colour is derived from Foraminifera which is a microscopic sea animal with bright pink and red shell.

rentals in the bahamas

  • The highest point in the Bahamas is the Mount Alvernia, which is situated in the Cat Islands. Its height is 63 meters.
  • The Bahamas has an extensive underwater cave system. These are present below 250 feet and they were mainly formed during an era when the water level was low. So, there are several horizontal and vertical limestone caves that you will find under the sea.
  • The main meaning of The Bahamas is ‘shallow water or sea’ and it comes from the Spanish words ‘Baja Mar’.
  • The deepest blue hole present on the earth is at The Bahamas. Its depth is a staggering 202 meters into the sea.
  • The national flower of the Bahamas is the yellow elder. The national bird is the flamingo. The national tree is the Lignum Vitae or the tree of life. And the blue marlin is the national fish of the country.
  • Nassau is the biggest city in The Bahamas. It was also a hotspot for the pirates during the 18th century.
  • Lucayan National Park, which is present in the Great Bahamas Island has the longest known underwater cave system present in this world.
  • The Big Major cay which is famously known as the Pig beach has a pig population that likes to swim in the blue waters of the ocean.
  • The Bahamians are extremely good at sports and they have already bagged 14 Olympic Gold Medals. They have famous sprinters like Pauline Davis-Thompson, Shaunae Miller and Tonique Williams-Darling.
  • One of the world’s biggest aquariums is present on this island. It is present in the Atlantis Paradise Island resort and it has 14 lagoons, 8 million gallons of water, more than 50,000 aquatic animals hailing from 250 species. A water slide also runs through the aquarium.
  • It is actually very costly to settle down in The Bahamas as it’s one of the most expensive countries found in this world.
  • Apart from the pigs, there is another island that is inhabited by iguanas. The name of the island is Sandy Cay or White Cay and the species that inhabit the islands are known as the White Cay Rock Iguanas. You can actually see them on the beach and they are harmless. But they are an endangered species so we should be careful while being around them.
  • You can actually swim in the Thunderball Grotto, an underwater cave that was made famous in the James Bond movie.
  • A rock formation called the Bimini Road appears as an underwater road on the ocean floor.
  • The Bahamas has received snow in 1977 as a cold wave was brought down from Florida. It is a historic day and it has never been repeated since then.
  • The official language of the Bahamas is English.
  • Andros Island is the largest island found in the archipelago. The most important island is New Providence as it holds the capital, Nassau.
  • About 2/3rd of the population of the Bahamas reside in Nassau.
  • 25 national parks and conservation areas are present in the Bahamas and all of them fall under the Bahamas National Trust.
  • The world’s sixth-longest coral reef is the Andros Barrier Reef. The total stretch of it is 225 kilometers or 142 miles. The average distance from the Andros shore is 1.6-2.3 Km.
  • The Bahamas gained independence on July 10, 1973.
  • The Bahamans have a seafood-rich cuisine among which conch does stand out the most.
  • About 310 days of sunlight are experienced by the people residing in The Bahamas.

So, here are some of the facts about The Bahamas. You should always search more to include things that you will find interesting. The islands are amazing and they are perfect for your dream holiday. Spend some time looking at the different details and then fix the plan. Finding resorts and hotels is a breeze and we are sure that you will make a foolproof plan. So, we definitely hope that you have a nice time when you visit The Bahamas.

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